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Chillies, Herbs and Soft Fruits plants

Nothing beats the freshness of home-grown produce.

Nothing beats the freshness of home-grown produce, and we couldn’t agree more. That’s why we offer a diverse range of easy-to-grow herbs, delectable soft fruits like strawberries and blackcurrants, and fiery chilli plants.

Mark your calendars! Each year, we host our thrilling chilli festival, a celebration of this spicy fruit. Typically held towards the end of August, be sure to keep an eye on our website for the latest updates and don’t miss out on the fiery fun.

Starting your gardening journey with herbs is a fantastic choice. Known for their simplicity in cultivation, herbs offer a rewarding experience as you harvest and utilize your very own home-grown ingredients, elevating your culinary creations with unmatched freshness and flavor.

But that’s not all. In addition to our impressive herb and chilli selection, we also offer a variety of vegetable plants, including tomatoes and peppers, ensuring your garden is brimming with a bounty of flavorsome delights.

Need help and advice?

For those new to the world of gardening and homegrown produce, fear not! We’re here to support you every step of the way on your path to gardening success. Whether you’re seeking advice on plant care or guidance on selecting the right equipment, our knowledgeable team is dedicated to helping you thrive.

And speaking of equipment, we’ve got you covered. From compost and fertilizer to canes and pesticides, we have all the essentials you need to ensure your garden flourishes abundantly.

Herbs – Chillies – Tomato plants – Seed Potatoes – Strawberries – Blackcurrant plants – Raspberries – Fruit treesHerbs – Chillies – Tomato plants – Seed Potatoes – Strawberries – Blackcurrant plants – Raspberries – Fruit trees

We’re dedicated to assisting you in honing your gardening skills. Our knowledgeable team is prepared to address any gardening inquiries you may have and provide valuable tips to enhance your gardening experience.

Find Us:

Shepherd Hill, Doncaster Road, Badsworth,
Pontefract, WF9 1AX

Phone: 01977 617494

We are located at Shepherd Hill on Doncaster Road (A638), approximately 20 minutes from Either Doncaster, Wakefield or Barnsley and around 10 minutes from Pontefract.

We have a large parking area but if you are traveling on public transport from Wakefield, Doncaster or the surrounding villages we have a bus stop right outside.

Opening Times

Monday to Saturday  10:00 am Р16:00 pm
Closed on Sunday

We Welcome Trade & Wholesale Customers

Catering for your individual needs we are able to supply on demand a wide range of plug plants, potted grown on or prepared hanging baskets ready for sale to your own customers. Delivery or collection available.

What our customers are saying…

Great nursery for plug plants way cheaper than the big garden centres. 40p per plug plant. They are selling them now, petunias, surfinas, different types of hanging basket plugs. They also have geraniums, tomato,chillies ,herbs and perennials. Nearly forgot the begonias. Also sell perennials, pansies, summer bedding. They were redesigning part of the nursery when we visited so there wasn’t as many shrubs and perennials as usual but still worth a visit.

Susan Grindle

Nice garden center lots of variety and for a good price. Can’t believe I didn’t know about it all this time. Cheapest garden center been too and will be buying my plants from here from now on.


Love love this place. All seedlings taken and growing nicely. Can’t wait for the warmth to come. Very helpful staff and helped load into car for me.

Sharon Houldershaw

Nice collection of perennials. Large Gooseberry if you are lucky to catch them when they arrive. Bought some last year. Wanted more and missed out this year as sold out. Nice collection of hardy allostermia in at least 10 colours. Lots of herbs and strawberries and annuals. Loads of plug plants. But one of the smaller garden centres and is family run. None of the accessories to wade through which is great and just plants plants and more plants. Think it’s not open on weekends though as per Google.

Vinay S

Super staff, super plants and super prices. I’ve been a couple of times and bought established plants and mini/jumbo plug plants. Everything is really good quality and I found about 10 different varieties of bidens for example. There is no cafe or candles as this place focuses on the plants. Prices, for example, Petunia night sky for 40p, Senetti for 70p and cordylines for ¬£1.50. Staff deserve a special shout out – I got a bit carried away and didn’t realise that it was closing time (4pm) – they were happy to serve me and helped me to my car with the plants.

Sue J