Meticulous planning and a deep commitment to sustainability are the cornerstones of our operational philosophy at First Impressions. A testament to this ethos is our resolute decision to eschew the use of single-use plastics in the cultivation of our commercial plant range. Every step we take, from inception to growth, is guided by a conscientious effort to minimize our environmental footprint and maximize the positive impact we have on the planet.

The year 2023 marked a milestone for us, as we nurtured and cultivated over 100,000 plants with a revolutionary approach. Each one of these plants was lovingly grown within ‘fertis’ biodegradable peat-free pots, a choice that signifies not only our dedication to eco-friendliness but also our penchant for innovation. By adopting these biodegradable pots, we steer clear of the persistent burden that single-use plastics impose on our ecosystems. These pots are not just vessels for growth; they’re vessels for change, decomposing naturally and nurturing the soil they once contained.

In our practice, any plastic elements that we do incorporate are chosen with the utmost consideration. Be it trays, pots, or even the transport containers for our compost, each plastic component is carefully selected for its durability and reusability. Our philosophy dictates that plastic should have a purpose that outlasts a single use. And indeed, the plastics we employ continue to serve us for multiple cycles before they embark on a new chapter as recycled materials. Through a process of recycling and remolding, these plastics evolve into a fresh generation of trays, ready to embark on another cycle of utility and sustainability.

Our commitment to minimizing waste isn’t just a goal; it’s a principle woven into the fabric of our daily operations. By judiciously employing plastics for extended periods and then ensuring their reincarnation through recycling, we forge a circular economy that honors resourcefulness and responsibility.

At First Impressions, our stance on plastics is a reflection of our larger commitment to nurturing nature and fostering a world where ecological harmony thrives. As we move forward, each plant that flourishes in our biodegradable pots and every plastic component that experiences multiple lifecycles is a testament to the change that conscious choices can bring. Through innovation, dedication, and a commitment to the earth’s well-being, we’re sowing seeds of transformation that bloom far beyond our nursery’s bounds.