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Maintenance Services

Ensuring the continuous care of your floral displays is of utmost importance. Our team of water operatives, boasting a combined experience exceeding 70 years, is at your service. We take pride in exclusively relying on our in-house experts, never outsourcing such a pivotal aspect of our work.

Upon securing a new contract, a thorough investigation ensues to determine the most effective maintenance schedule for these displays. Our operatives undergo ongoing training and skill assessment, as they represent the forefront of our operations. We recognize our role as the visible face of councils, community groups, or volunteer organizations. Hence, we meticulously adhere to the exacting standards outlined in our ‘code of conduct’.

Our commitment to excellence is reflected in our specialized fleet:

  • Three dedicated vehicles: Operative around the clock, these purpose-built vehicles are equipped to cater to diverse needs.
  • Silent running pumps: Our equipment ensures minimal disruption to surroundings.
  • Service team: A dedicated crew ensures that our vehicles remain in impeccable condition at all times.
  • Experienced operatives: Our team is composed of highly skilled individuals deeply dedicated to their craft.

In high-traffic zones, we employ strategic timing – early mornings or night shifts – to carry out watering. For added safety, especially when accessibility is crucial, our long-wheelbase vehicle is deployed, providing our operatives with maximum protection while remaining highly visible to other road users.

In areas teeming with pedestrians, we schedule maintenance during evenings or early mornings to circumvent peak foot traffic. In town center precincts, we opt for our nimble small pickup – versatile and adept at maneuvering through tighter spaces.

For densely populated regions where minimizing disruption is paramount, we conduct maintenance during daylight hours. This approach is particularly mindful of avoiding busy school times, ensuring a harmonious coexistence with the community.

At First Impressions, we approach every facet of our work with precision and care. Our commitment extends beyond the visual appeal of floral displays; it’s a reflection of our dedication to seamless execution, safety, and harmony within the spaces we touch.

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Single use Plastics2023-08-29T17:00:31+00:00

Meticulous planning and a deep commitment to sustainability are the cornerstones of our operational philosophy at First Impressions. A testament to this ethos is our resolute decision to eschew the use of single-use plastics in the cultivation of our commercial plant range. Every step we take, from inception to growth, is guided by a conscientious effort to minimize our environmental footprint and maximize the positive impact we have on the planet.

The year 2023 marked a milestone for us, as we nurtured and cultivated over 100,000 plants with a revolutionary approach. Each one of these plants was lovingly grown within ‘fertis’ biodegradable peat-free pots, a choice that signifies not only our dedication to eco-friendliness but also our penchant for innovation. By adopting these biodegradable pots, we steer clear of the persistent burden that single-use plastics impose on our ecosystems. These pots are not just vessels for growth; they’re vessels for change, decomposing naturally and nurturing the soil they once contained.

In our practice, any plastic elements that we do incorporate are chosen with the utmost consideration. Be it trays, pots, or even the transport containers for our compost, each plastic component is carefully selected for its durability and reusability. Our philosophy dictates that plastic should have a purpose that outlasts a single use. And indeed, the plastics we employ continue to serve us for multiple cycles before they embark on a new chapter as recycled materials. Through a process of recycling and remolding, these plastics evolve into a fresh generation of trays, ready to embark on another cycle of utility and sustainability.

Our commitment to minimizing waste isn’t just a goal; it’s a principle woven into the fabric of our daily operations. By judiciously employing plastics for extended periods and then ensuring their reincarnation through recycling, we forge a circular economy that honors resourcefulness and responsibility.

At First Impressions, our stance on plastics is a reflection of our larger commitment to nurturing nature and fostering a world where ecological harmony thrives. As we move forward, each plant that flourishes in our biodegradable pots and every plastic component that experiences multiple lifecycles is a testament to the change that conscious choices can bring. Through innovation, dedication, and a commitment to the earth’s well-being, we’re sowing seeds of transformation that bloom far beyond our nursery’s bounds.

Recycling compost2023-08-29T16:58:04+00:00

Embedded in the core values of First Impressions is an unyielding dedication to the conservation of resources and the environment. Central to this commitment is our promise to recycle every ounce of compost and plant material that enters our sphere. By the time 2025 unfolds, our aspirations will have borne fruit in the form of a meticulously designed three-year cycle composting system that encapsulates the very essence of sustainability.

Our forthcoming composting system stands as a testament to our proactive approach in fostering a circular economy. The intricacies of this cycle are designed not merely to dispose of waste, but to transform it into a resource that rejuvenates and nourishes the very earth from which it originated. Through the convergence of time, biology, and ingenuity, we aim to forge a seamless continuum where discarded organic matter evolves into nutrient-rich compost, ready to be reintegrated into the soil, fostering growth anew.

But our aspirations extend beyond the confines of our nursery. As pioneers of ecological stewardship, we’re embarking on a journey that embraces community engagement. Beyond our own endeavors, we’re actively exploring collaborative community projects that can serve as reservoirs for recycled growing media. Through partnerships that transcend boundaries, we envision a network where waste is reimagined as potential, and where each contribution finds purpose in the nurturing of life.

At First Impressions, our vision goes beyond mere actions; it’s a narrative of transformation. It’s about turning sustainability into a tangible legacy, one that not only shapes our nursery but also resonates throughout the wider landscape of conscientious living. As we navigate the path toward 2025 and beyond, our unwavering commitment to recycling, composting, and community collaboration paints a portrait of a future where harmony between nature and human endeavors is not just a possibility, but a vibrant reality.

Water Useage2023-08-29T16:54:35+00:00

At First Impressions, one of our foremost and deeply held concerns revolves around responsible water usage at our nursery. Recognizing the critical importance of conserving this precious resource, we’ve set forth an ambitious yet essential goal: achieving complete self-sufficiency in water supply by the year 2030. This vision drives us to innovate and implement sustainable practices that not only benefit our operations but also contribute positively to the larger ecosystem.

In our current efforts, we’ve harnessed the power of nature’s gift – rainwater. Every drop that falls upon our growing tunnels is collected and channeled toward an ingenious purpose: on-site irrigation. This meticulous rainwater harvesting system exemplifies a harmonious synergy between ecological mindfulness and agricultural ingenuity. By utilizing rainwater runoff, we’re minimizing waste and maximizing efficiency, thus embracing a harmonious equilibrium between the nourishment our plants require and the preservation of the environment we cherish.

This approach isn’t merely pragmatic; it’s transformative. By integrating rainwater into our irrigation practices, we’re nurturing our plants with a source of water that’s inherently aligned with their needs. This conscious choice translates into healthier, more robust growth, echoing the intrinsic connection between ecological harmony and plant vitality.

Beyond the immediate benefits to our nursery, our commitment to reducing dependence on tap water radiates profound environmental benefits. This approach reduces the strain on local water supplies, helps to mitigate the impact of droughts, and safeguards aquatic ecosystems by alleviating the withdrawal of water from natural sources.

Our pursuit of water independence doesn’t merely echo within the confines of our nursery – it reverberates as a testament to the positive change that can be achieved when conscious decisions are coupled with decisive actions. By harmonizing our practices with the rhythms of nature, we’re taking a step forward in nurturing a sustainable future for generations to come. At First Impressions, our dedication to water stewardship isn’t just a directive; it’s an enduring legacy of responsibility and care.


Paperless Office2023-08-29T17:01:52+00:00

The journey to diminish paper consumption within our office has been a steadfast and ongoing endeavor, resulting in a remarkable reduction in our reliance on paper for administrative functions. This transformation is a testament to our resolute commitment to embrace a paperless paradigm, one that not only streamlines our operations but also stands as a resounding pledge to minimize our ecological footprint.

The decision to adopt a paperless approach isn’t merely a practical measure; it’s a conscientious choice that ripples through a tapestry of benefits. The most immediate impact is a significant reduction in paper usage, marking a departure from traditional administrative practices that once necessitated reams of paper. This transition doesn’t just result in streamlined workflows; it symbolizes a shift towards embracing technological innovation as a catalyst for positive change.

The environmental ramifications of this shift are equally profound. By curbing our paper consumption, we’re actively contributing to the preservation of our world’s forests. The cascading effects of deforestation are profound – from the loss of biodiversity to the disruption of crucial ecosystems. Embracing a paperless approach stands as a countermeasure against these negative outcomes, aligning our actions with the greater goal of preserving Earth’s natural habitats.

Moreover, a paperless ethos aligns harmoniously with energy conservation efforts. The paper production process is energy-intensive, from raw material extraction to manufacturing and transportation. By sidestepping this energy-demanding cycle, we’re taking a proactive stance in reducing our energy consumption, thus lessening the environmental burden associated with paper production.

The benefits extend beyond forests and energy – they echo in the realm of waste reduction. The disposal of paper waste contributes to landfills, exacerbating the challenge of waste management. Our commitment to minimal paper usage plays a role in alleviating this pressure, resulting in less waste being sent to landfills and, in turn, contributing to a cleaner and healthier environment.

In essence, our paperless stride is a testament to our embrace of progressive change. It’s a step towards operational efficiency, environmental mindfulness, and a responsible stewardship of resources. By weaving technology into our administrative fabric, we’re not just transforming our office; we’re shaping a narrative of sustainable progress. This isn’t just a reduction in paper usage; it’s a transformation that harmonizes with the rhythms of a changing world and positions us as agents of positive transformation for generations to come.

Training and Consutlation2023-08-29T16:51:44+00:00

We offer training and consultation on all aspects of growing, nurturing and caring for your displays.

All aspects can be covered and we can also build your vehicle into a fast and efficient watering vehicle, all safety checked and guaranteed

First Impressions take pride in providing comprehensive training and consultation services encompassing every facet of growing, nurturing, and maintaining your flower displays. Whether you have an experienced gardening team or just starting out, our offerings cater to individuals at every skill level.

Our training and consultation services are designed to empower you with the knowledge and skills required to create thriving and vibrant displays. From understanding the intricacies of plant selection, soil preparation, and proper watering techniques to learning about optimal lighting conditions and pest management strategies, our experts are here to guide you through each step of the process.

What sets us apart is our commitment to customization. We understand that every individual business or organisation needs and goals are unique. Therefore, our training sessions and consultations are tailored to align with your specific preferences and the conditions of your environment.

But our services don’t end there. We also offer the opportunity to transform your vehicle into a high-efficiency watering vehicle. This service is particularly advantageous for those managing larger areas or multiple display areas. Our skilled team can retrofit your vehicle, ensuring it’s equipped with all the necessary tools and mechanisms to facilitate rapid and efficient watering. What’s more, our modifications adhere to stringent safety standards, and we provide a guarantee for the quality and durability of the work performed.

When you engage with us, you’re not just receiving a one-size-fits-all solution. You’re entering into a partnership that’s driven by your aspirations and backed by our expertise. We believe in empowering individuals with the confidence to nurture their displays effectively, and we’re excited to be part of your journey in cultivating stunning and flourishing landscapes and displays.

See it in Action2023-10-30T14:56:40+00:00

We take immense pride in our work and are deeply committed to our roots. Our ongoing projects reflect our dedication to creating a sustainable and promising future for all.

  • Recycling Excellence: Our recycling plant is in full swing, ensuring that 100% of compost and plant matter is efficiently recycled, reducing waste and environmental impact.
  • Bee-Friendly Lavender Field: We’re in the process of establishing a thriving lavender field, set to be completed by 2024, aimed at providing a rich and vibrant habitat for our precious bee population.
  • Hedgehog Haven: We’re clearing an area to plant native hawthorns, providing a safe haven for hedgehogs during the winter months, fostering biodiversity and conservation.
  • Nurturing Native Trees: Our site is set to welcome heritage native trees, designed to encourage native birds to nest year after year, contributing to the conservation of our local avian species.
  • Outstanding Products and Services: Beyond our commitment to sustainability and conservation, we remain dedicated to delivering top-notch products and services to our valued customers within our efficiently managed nursery.

We invite you to experience our endeavors firsthand. We actively encourage both our current and potential customers to embark on a guided tour of our expansive 5-acre site. Our owner, Paul, is enthusiastic about explaining our processes to deliver the highest quality products to you. We are consistently driven to enhance our products, services, and the range of planting schemes we offer. Come and witness our commitment to excellence and sustainability in action.

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